makethumbs documentation

Jason Molenda

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
Introduction to makethumbs
II. Reference
I. makethumbs variable reference
body_tag — override the default BODY for all HTML pages
boilerplate_after_title — text to be inserted after the page title
boilerplate_before_title — text to be inserted before the page title
boilerplate_end_of_page — replacement text for the very end of each HTML page
boilerplate_footer — text iplaced at the end of all HTML pages
boilerplate_insert_in_head — HTML tags to be inserted in the HEAD section
change_file_permissions — controls whether makethumbs will change the permissions on files
columns — number of columns of thumbnails
compact_index_page — create a denser index page than normal
compression_level — set the amount of compression used when creating reduced images
create_large_images — create large versions of very large images
create_slideshow — determines whether slideshow pages should be created or not
date_formatting_text — formatting style for printing dates
dates_filename — the file where image dates are cached
descriptions_filename — the file where image captions/descriptions are stored
dir_transversible_permissionschmod options to make a dir transversible
file_readable_permissionschmod options to make a file readable
html_charset — specify the encoding of the text on your pages
html_file_suffix — change the extensions used for all HTML files created
image_imprinting_text — text to be imprinted at the bottom of all generated images
image_set_all_text — image_set_all_text
image_set_n_text — image set text phrase
image_xx_of_yy_text — phrase put on slideshow pages to show current image number
index_base_name — set the name of the index files
index_page_title_start_html — specifies the HTML markup used for the index title
index_table_spacing — determines how tightly packed the thumbnails are on the index pages
large image dimensions — specify the size of large images
link_to_original_img_on_index — add a link to the original image on the index page
large_text — phrase used to refer to large images
max_thumb_size — size of generated thumbnail images
meta_tag — add a META header in the HEAD section of generated pages
month names — the names of the months
original_image_text — phrase used to refer to original images
original_text — phrase used to refer to original images
preferred_image_tools — direct makethumbs to a specific image tool
print_captions — determines whether makethumbs should print captions on the index
print_img_size_on_index — include the image size in the index page captions
print_img_size_on_slideshow — include the image size in the per-image (slideshow) page links
print_title_on_index — whether a title should be put on the index pages or not
print_title_on_slideshow — whether a title should be put on the slideshow pages or not
reduce_big_pics — create reduced versions of large images
reduced image dimensions — specify the size of reduced images
reduced_text — phrase used to refer to reduced images
remove_originals — instruct makethumbs to remove original images
rows_per_index_page — the number of rows of thumbnails per page
show_image_info — whether the image shot information should be visible or not
show_progress — indicate progress to user as makethumbs runs
show_timings — tell the user how long each stage of makethumbs took
single_index_page — whether makethumbs will create multiple index pages or not
slideshow_images_are_clickable — whether the images on slideshow pages are links
slideshow_img_size_across_two_lines — file sizes should be seperate from the file type name
slideshow navigation markup — specifies the markup for slideshow page navigation
slideshow_page_title_start_html — specifies the HTML markup used for the slideshow page titles
slideshow_print_javascript_navigation — disable or enable Javascript on slideshow pages
this_page_created_text — text emitted at the bottom of index pages
usa_specific_date_format_checks — whether makethumbs will recognize dates in US order
use_timestamps_as_captions — determines whether timestamps may be used as captions
use_two_windows — open a seperate window for image viewing